Sunday, October 20, 2013


I woke up this morning after having a very vivid dream. I was walking through a field picking up two guitars in guitar cases. I looked down and saw a blood red rose. It was so beautiful that I bent down and began pulling it up by its roots. I must have intended to take it home and plant it. I saw the crucifixion in the sepals and ovary. Two sepals made Jesus' outstretched arms and the ovary was his face.  I wrapped it up in paper towels and ran home to show my mother. When I unwrapped it the crucifixion was gone and it was just a regular rose with plain 'ole sepals and ovary.

I laid there vividly picturing this and thinking how amazing it looked in my dream. The memory faded so fast; unbelievably fast.I can barely picture it in my mind's eye now. I am already thinking of the different ways to use this in my art work. Words cannot describe what I saw in my dream. Even so, I needed to write it down in order to start the process.

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