Monday, January 2, 2012


What do I remember most about 2011?

How “Ruger” came to be a member of our family.
My spouse was taking a walk around the neighborhood when he heard what he thought was a child crying. He followed the menacing sound to where he found a little dog short-tied to a bush. He could not move at all and lay there crying.
Mike brought him home and the little dog quickly bit him in the hand. I thought to myself that if there was any chance of my keeping this little dog, it had swiftly passed. We tried to find the owner, to no avail, and then took him to the dog pound. When Mike got to the pound, he couldn’t turn the little dog over.
It is amazing how much a pet can improve one’s life!
Today, when I look back on it, it is as if he saved us; We didn’t save him.
I have enjoyed every minute with him.

When you think about 2011, what do you remember most?



Deb said...

Lucky Ruger, Lucky you...I am glad that you all found each other ! When I think of 2011, I think of my five grandbabies, all under the age of three, who fill my life with sunshine, giggles and play. Even when I have been faced with the gloomiest of days, they make me smile. I hope 2012 is filled with much happiness, peace and time to play with Ruger !

♥ Braja said...

2011 was good; got my mojo back :)

Jinksy said...

Hello, hello, Pouty! Saw you smiling at me on Braja's blog, and couldn't wait to come and say 'Hi!'Welcome back to Blogland. ♥