Wednesday, July 29, 2009




Denise facilitates this meme where we all go through the alphabet from A-Z and construct a post with the designated weekly letter.

This past week my thoughts were interwoven with the letter "B."

My thoughts vacillated from the trivial to the deepest most intense feelings.

I went to get my hair done and thought of choosing the word "beautification."

I went to the ATM to withdraw money and thought of choosing the word "bank."

Whenever I thought about that evil maniacal dictator of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, puppet to the bedeviled Putin, I imagined a post with either the word "butcher" or "bad."

True Confession: I used to think bloggers were people with no lives, "losers," who hid behind their computers, and were afraid to live. I learned two things after realizing this was a gross error in perception.

First, I was wrong to judge that which I knew nothing about.

Second, the blogfellows I know have rich lives, and I respect both their creativity and their willingness to share and encourage each other.


Pinkerbell said...

Pouty I was very suspicious of blogging. I just didn't understand why people would want to listen to my opinions and thought I would have nothing to say. Turns out I have plenty to share and lots of lovely people to share it with!

Hmm... I wonder what you'll do with letter x ?

Roger Owen Green said...

Heck, my wife doesn't even read my blog, but some of my friends do. Sorry about you living in Phoenix; I'd never survive.

Sherrie said...

Great "B" post! I'll agree with you. Since I have been blogging I have met some wonderful people the last few years! Keep up the good work blogging! Have a great day!


Mara said...

Blogging just gives you more friends from around the world! It's always nice to find someone else who is converted!

Whitemist said...

Definitely a great point. Many I have found use blogs to share their struggles with very real lives. I have learned and am learning much.

jay said...

Blogfellows! A great choice for a B!

I used to think bloggers were people who spend too much time in front of their computers, too! Now I know differently. Bloggers do so much! Or they wouldn't have anything to write about. ;)

Granny on the Web said...

'Jay' took the words right off my pen! ( well I mean keyboard!) I used to think the same.

Love Granny

Shadow said...

bloggers... well, everyone has an opinion, which usually changes, once one does that very thing... i like blogging, i like my blog friends, and we all have full lives to live too. the proof is in the writings. good post!

ArneA said...

Sunday Roast here is your best
""You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself." Your blog is your venue - so create your own garden party. "
100% agreement to this statement!!!

Woman in a Window said...

no, no, i'm pretty sure i'm hiding and last time i checked, no life...sorry.

Hey, Carlin was one of a kind. Can't comment up there though. What gives?

Delwyn said...

Hear hear PL

Blogging can enrich our lives through creativity, through the sharing and through the new relationships we forge.
It has made me much more observant, I have slowed down and really look for details in the world around me. I appreciate the natural world much more and count my blessings every day...

Happy days